Hawks collect a win against U-City

Jerred Wooten, Sports

On Friday, April 6th, the Hazelwood Central Hawks obliterated the University City Lions, leading them to a 13-3 victory. This game was one of their high-scoring games.

Before the game, the hawks had no doubt they would win this game with ease.

“We came out to have fun and get the win we knew we deserved,” said senior Anthony Douglas.

Top of the first inning, the Hawks quickly shut down the lions, getting a quick and easy 3 outs.

Going into the bottom of the first inning, the Hawks didn’t hesitate to get the lead, bringing in 4 runs before switching innings.

Senior Devin Matteoni explained“ I felt like that was a good start but we still had more to accomplish.”.

Going into the top of the second inning, the Lions surely attempted to redeem themselves, yet they had a hard time doing that, leaving the top of the second inning with 0 runs.

The Hawks quickly came into the bottom of the second inning bringing in 6 more runs. Crowds, coaches, and players knew that celied the deal for the rest of the game but the hawks knew to stay humble, continue to work hard, and get the job done that they needed to get done.

“At that point, I knew we had to still finish the game with more runs no matter if we got those 6 runs,” said Douglas.

Soon after the Hawks got 3 outs, the Lions heads were held low, along with their confidence levels lowering dramatically. From just their facial expressions you can tell they lost lots of hope they gathered in the beginning of the game.

“We were just proud from what we did and how we came out in the first two innings,” said pitcher Nathan George.


Top of the 5th inning, the Lions strived to get 2 more runs on the hawks lowering their deficit to 8.

The Hawks crowd was very excited and cheerful for their team knowing that previously the hawks were on a 2 game losing streak. 

After the bottom of the fifth inning, the Hawks 10 run lead led them to a short game. The umpire called it a short game because in baseball, a short game is once a team has a 10 run lead after five innings.

The final score of the game was 13-3, Hawks getting the victory.

“Felt good to get a win, but just looking forward to play like this the next game”, Dominic Matteoni said after the game.