Robohawks compete in regional competition

Kaitlyn Franklin, Writer

March 3, 2020

On any given day from 6-8 pm if you walk to F-hall, you’ll notice the normally quiet hallway bustling with students. Some will be using power tools, others may have their heads buried into their laptops, but these students all...

Hawks rage with variety of unique fashion

Kaitlyn Franklin, Writer

February 18, 2020

High school is the time where we as teenagers are learning to express ourselves and the students at Hazelwood Central are no exception to this assertion. After speaking with a couple of students, I had the opportunity to get a...

Senior quarterback Sean Stephens looks on during the third quarter of the game at DeSmet. Stephens has been booed before and didn't enjoy the experience.

To boo or not to boo?

February 20, 2019

Parking fees feel frivolous

Dana Musleh and Destinee Harris

February 20, 2019

Imagine you are running late and you already have to take time to look for a parking spot, and you still have to run a long way to even get to the front doors of the school. All of that hassle and you still have to pay those $50...

KSDK's Ryan Dean gets the crowd fired up early in the morning at the Fall 2017 Pep Rally that was featured on Channel 5's morning show.

Hawk Spirit

February 13, 2019

Student Life