Students Pursue Alternate Paths at North Tech


Bodywork performed at North Tech. Classes in many different fields prepare students with training and skills to work in a career after high school.

Hytham Musleh, Writer

If you’re in your high school years and don’t know what to do for college, that’s why there’s North Tech! North Tech is a technical school for students under the age of 18 who would rather gain technical experiences in various fields that might interest you during high school rather than going to a traditional academic school. North Tech has been providing students with different sets of skills for over 50 years, it is located in the north county of Saint Louis City, Missouri. North Tech is able to provide you with various sets of skills during high school that would help you get into the right field for your future career.

North Tech doesn’t only offer automotive programs, there are also many other options to choose from. If you want to do cosmetics and learn how to do hair you can learn to do all of that at North Tech. Also, if you want to learn how to weld there’s a class for that and many more options as well. Even if you’re really not interested in any of the classes they have, you can try to attend the school and  see if you like it. Any of these programs could potentially be your future career when you get older and start a career. It is also not very hard to attend and get accepted into North Tech. All you need to have is a certain amount of credits and no suspensions and you could get in if there’s any space left for the class you’re interested in.

At North Tech, they provide students with real world experiences, real world skills, engaging, and  hands-on learning to prepare them for college and future careers. Moreover, at North Tech they celebrate the pursuit of their passion and help students find the right pathway to their own success and future career. The partial/day schedules keep students engaged in their home high school academics and activities while they enjoy experiential learning in Tech’s elective courses.

The crazy thing is that North Tech is tuition free, career and technical education majors allow students to explore their career interests before graduation while still earning industry certifications, college and high school credits, and skills that will last a lifetime. North Tech works with a very impressive list of businesses and industry partners that provide the students with mentorship, internships, apprenticeships, part-time employment, scholarships, and full-time employment offers after high school.

I currently go to North Tech and take the Auto Collision Repair program. I have learned a lot in the past year and a half. I had the opportunity to actually work in a shop with an actual vehicle, learn how to take it apart and put it all back together. There are many pros and advantages of this program, however, the best part about the program is that after you complete  2 years of automotive repair you will be able to get a certificate of completion.