4 Biggest Playoff Threats for The Warriors

Jonathan Butler, Columnist

April 12, 2019

As the regular season is winding down, the Golden State Warriors are looking to make history as the first team since the Shaq and Kobe Lakers, to win three straight NBA Championships. They have had an up and down season, but ...

Some students feel left out by a hyper focus on Athletics, and think it would be great to get this level of support for an academic competition.

Athletics vs Academics

April 12, 2019

The Impacts of Cyberbullying

Naliya Anderson, Columnist

April 10, 2019

Bullying, it happens everyday to hundreds of people of all different shapes, colors and sizes.  It's possible you've been bullied before or witnessed a bully in action, maybe you were the bully.  Today, because of the major g...

Parking fees feel frivolous

Dana Musleh and Destinee Harris

February 20, 2019

Imagine you are running late and you already have to take time to look for a parking spot, and you still have to run a long way to even get to the front doors of the school. All of that hassle and you still have to pay those $50...

One could only dream of this kind of turnout for a robotics competition...

Footballed out

February 20, 2019

NFC and AFC Championship preview

Jonathan Butler, Columnist

January 18, 2019

Since week 8, we knew these were the four best teams in The NFL, and they will battle it out this sunday to play for the greatest prize in sports. The #2 seed Los Angeles Rams vs.The #1 seed New Orleans Saints will start the f...

In the NBA Playoffs, look out for Boston and Houston

Davion Marsaw, Writer

May 11, 2018

A lot of people think the NBA is a rigged organization as well as the NFL, I was one of those people, but not now. For the past three years we have been a part of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Golden State Warrior era, b...

Daniel Kaluuya plays Chris Washington in the thriller

“Get Out” review

April 10, 2017