Check out these great Black stories!

Check out these great Black stories!

Nilah Gauss, Writer

Black history month opens ears to black art from all over the black diaspora, including black writing. Black writing showcases the roots and stories of our culture and beyond, we showcase these stories through poems, books, and even more. Black stories are vastly important, it gives long needed representation and knowledge of the culture. With February being the season for love and for black culture, it would be amazing to share some love to these black authors and their stories!


Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry by Joya Goffney 

High school senior, Quinn, keeps a list for everything. From boys, irrational fears, and even her own deepest secrets. When her notebook goes missing and one of her lists is anonymously posted on Instagram, Quinn reluctantly teams up with Carter, the last person who had her notebook and while looking for her notebook, they find surprising things on the way.

This was a nice and easy read. When I first read this book, I couldn’t put the book down. The storyline was paced amazingly. I really loved seeing Quinn grow, seeing her step out of her comfort zone and managing to stand up for herself and open her eyes to more of the world rather than being stuck on her own. The contrast of the characters was nicely written to me also, seeing the glitz and glamor of the suburban life and privileged life, compared to the struggles of those who are trying their best to keep themselves afloat in life. The stories and friendships made in this book just have a way to warm your heart up.

Love Radio by Ebony LaDelle

Prince Jones is Detroit’s unofficial official love therapist, giving out love advice left and right on his radio segment.

Although Prince is known for his knowledge of love, he’s never been in love himself. He dreams of it often, but doesnt have much time for it since he is the main caretaker of his mother. Although when he meets Dani, his long-time crush, he’s willing to give love a try.

Dani doesn’t care for love, she’s more focused on her life of writing after school. When Prince advances her she gives him once chance to woo her.

I absolutely loved this book, it had so much story to tell in such a short amount of pages. From the love stories, to speaking up about consent, and the history of Detroit and how it’s rooted in black culture. I absolutely loved the details told about Motown and how it changed the artistry of Detroit for the better. I also appreciate the way that this story has dealt with the trauma of Dani, it wasn’t distasteful and it spoke up on what being in those situations can do to a person (The situation Dani was put in should be taken as a trigger warning dealing with harassment). 

Instructions for Dancing by Nicola Yoon

After dealing with her parents’ separation, Evie doesn’t believe in love anymore. Until one day she sees a couple kiss and is overcome by a vision of their relationship from beginning to end. Soon she ends where her visions lead her, a small dance studio where she meets X. This journey of Evie’s truly shows readers that sometimes you just have to give love a chance.

This was such an amazing read that tugged at my heartstrings, I ended up crying multiple times through it. It’s such a beautiful story that  hits the topics of grief and how this leads to the fear of loving someone if you know you might lose them. Throughout the whole story I loved to see that even through the loss, many people still manage to keep loving. Nicola Yoon has an amazing way to tell such a sweet, heartfelt story.


Legendborn by Tracy Deonn

After the death of her mother, Brianna leaves her childhood home to escape the pain of her loss. She goes to an Early College program at UNC, which seems like the perfect getaway from home, until she witnesses a demon get killed right in front of her. This event soon leads to the Legendborn, a group of authors’ descendants that fight against demons and are preparing for the great war, Camlann. Bree is discovering her own magic and secrets of her ancestors while trying to balance her life out.

Absolutely Love this book, the way Tracy Deonn writes is so beautiful and really helps you visualize every second of Bree’s story. It was as if We were living with Bree and felt each and every moment she has lived through within this book. I loved the world building tool, the story was written with so much detail it was as if I was in the book fighting along with the Legend Born. Such a wonderful mix of Love, Grief, Loss, and Fantasy. Definitely pick this up if you’re looking for a long and thrilling read!