90-minute thrillers you don’t want to miss…


Still image from Circle (2015)

Laila Hunt, Writer

I enjoy thriller movies a lot, always finding interest in the way they portray sheer fear and quick thinking. More often than not, I watch new ones as a pastime; whether during the weekend, or anytime I don’t have work. Personally, my favorite thriller movies are ones that have a realistic feel to them, even if they are ‘Sci-FI’. Certain thriller movies have excessive plot armor that will make them feel less interesting, while others have just the right amount. If you are looking for a quick watch with good plot twists, Netflix’s ‘90 minute movie” category has a few good thriller picks that you might enjoy! 


Circle (Running Time: 1h 27m)

Circle is a 2015 psychological thriller where humanity is tested to find those who are worthy of survival in dire times. 50 people including children and pregnant women are tasked with finding the one person who deserves to live among themselves, voting out periodically those who they think aren’t fitting. From unruly business men, to mothers and fathers just trying to get back to their children, everyone is looked at under a microscope to determine whether or not they will leave the circle. Problems end up arising when the group quickly finds out that stepping off of your own circle kills you immediately, and not voting will randomize who leaves next. When it boils down, everyone has schemes of their own to prove their worthiness, and they group will have to weed through lies, morals, and how each of them had lived prior to being put into the circle. 

My personal favorite of the three, Circle is a good time passer with many twists and a lack of plot armor that adds a realistic feel;  giving you a shock with every decision the group makes and every piece of information you learn about the people inside of the circle.


Sightless (1h 29m)

Sightless (2020) is another psychological thriller following Ellen, a young musician who is left blind after an attack. She withdraws from the public eye, being placed in an apartment complex where she is to learn how to navigate society as a now-blind woman under the care of a man named Clayton. Ellen falls quickly into paranoia, being separated from her family, and feeling uneasy with the presence of her neighbor who she believes is being abused. When she is attacked again in her home, she struggles to convince anyone of the events, and is left feeling alone once more. After some proper meddling, Ellen begins to discover the truth about not only where she is being held, but who she is being cared for by.

Sightless is another good movie to try out when you’re low on time, for those who are interested in unreliable narration and dubious accounts. It gives you a false sense of comfort that–even with a fairly predictable ending, will make the execution that much more satisfying. An overall 90 minutes that won’t feel like a waste after you have completed the movie. 


Intrusion (1h 32m)

Intrusion is a suspenseful 2021 thriller that follows the story of a new couple Meera and Henry, who have recently bought what is considered their dream house. After the two of them become victims of a home invasion on multiple occasions, one of which ending in murder; Meera worries about whether or not it is as simple as that– a home invasion; especially when the perpetrators are recurring. Meera and Henry find out through the police that one of the robbers survived, and could be the key to solving a related disappearance. Though, after he turns up dead, Meera becomes suspicious of those around her, digging and doing research anywhere she can to get to the bottom of what really happened that night, and why.

Intrusion is a slower paced movie, with a climax that hits all at once after a good amount of build up. It is an interesting movie, but stands out from the other two because of its predictability. Even so, the motives behind everyone in the movie will still give you a good shock. I recommend it if you need something new to watch that will grab your attention.