Drumline has the beats


Members of the drumline perform at Francis Howell High School.

Davion Marsaw, Editor

Imagine ninjas taking a sword that holds a dojo together, and the only way to get it back is to fight them, but through music. That is what the HCHS drumline did at Francis Howell North High School on March 17th.

“Every line has their own theme for a show, and ours was Japanese so everyone dressed in costumes of that culture,” said William Darris a four year drumline participant.

The Hazelwood Central High drumline was started eleven years ago. It was started by Mark Thomas band teacher/director. The idea came from him leaving the Francis Howell district, where they had one so he started one here.

“I figured hey why not start one, it was simple as that,” said Thomas.  

The real key to this drumline is their success over the years. They’ve won it all twice, placed second six times, and placed third up until last year.

“Last year was a hard year for us, but we’re working to get back up where we were,” said Thomas.

This club is volunteer meaning anyone can come out, but you need to be able to read music, have free time, and be willing to spend money. The only expenses that need to be paid for are entrees to state competitions, and hotel fees.     

Drumline plays a variety of music such as hip hop, r&b, St.Louis artists, and this year japanese.

“Drumline is a really big family. We can all come together, and do what we love to do,” explains four year drumline participant Elijah Williams.

The drumlines is a team that strives to be professional,  they all love their music, and try their best to correct the wrongs.

During competitions they have choreography to match their themes, not actual dances, but different movements and things to get great scores from judges.

There are three types of judges. One judges music, the second on how the formation looks on the floor, and the last judges on body visuals. All of those combined give them the placing score they get.

“The athletic ability of moving around the field while memorizing music it takes a lot,” said Darris

William Darris a 12th grader who joined drumline, because he was looking for a hobby to occupy his time until basketball, but he ended up enjoying what he did and became a  member of this team.

With drumline comes travel, and it is always fun for the team especially with a win.

“Travel is really fun. We get to go to different parts of the state, and when we win we celebrate the whole ride home,” said Darris.