In the NBA Playoffs, look out for Boston and Houston

In the battle of youth vs. experience, bet on experience

Davion Marsaw, Writer

A lot of people think the NBA is a rigged organization as well as the NFL, I was one of those people, but not now.

For the past three years we have been a part of the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Golden State Warrior era, but I don’t believe this year we will see that.

The Cavs are hot, but it’s because they are playing “LeBron Ball,” meaning give the ball to LeBron. It’s been working though, he has averaged 27 points and has scored over that average plenty of times. The question is how will that hold? People tend to forget LeBron is 33 years old, and getting older.

A lot of people talk about who is better-LeBron or Jordan-but forget the eras they played in. The game of basketball has evolved and is continuously changing. LeBron is the type to change with it. Jordan could too, but he played his own game for his era. Both are still great.

This year, I believe that the Boston Celtics will beat the Cavs. Why? Well because they have made it through 2 rounds without Kyrie Irving, and Jayson Tatum has been playing with his all, and so has the rest of the team. The series will start Sunday.

On the other side of the bracket we have the Warriors who always dominate and are still dominating. They proved they didn’t need Stephen Curry to survive in the playoffs. Well of course when you have a loaded team like that one…By loaded I mean a lot of key stars. Draymond Green, Klay Thompson, Nick young, Kevin Durant, and more. These players produce a lot of points off three-pointers compared to the New Orleans Pelicans who don’t have as much power in that area.

They will be playing the Houston Rockets, and I believe Houston will win. They have been dominating, and James Harden and Chris Paul realize that it’s now or never. The Warriors will try to shoot their way out of it but it don’t expect that to work.

I’m looking forward to seeing Jayson try and continue this leadership into the finals. Also the speed of these seven games should be interesting. I expect this to be a learning experience for the Celtics, Tatum and Irving. They have already shown they can do a lot without him. Ultimately the winner of the NBA finals will be the Rockets, because they are a solid unit. They have two real stars that can really show out. The Celtics are young but have some leadership, but a little more would help them if they want to win.