Prom 2019: A Night in…the Gym?


Could you see yourself dancing the night away at Central’s gym?

Shania Covington, Opinion Writer

Prom has often been described as the best night of highschool. However, If you are arriving to your senior prom being held in the gym, your definition of “best night” might change.      

On April 18, an announcement was made stating that if 2018 upcoming prom didn’t sell enough prom tickets, then 2019 prom would be held in the gym. Because next year is the class of 2019’s senior prom, juniors were infuriated of the statement. There are alot of mixed emotions towards this upcoming prom as juniors feel “rushed” or “treated unfairly.”

In my belief, class of ’19 shouldn’t have to pay for 2018 mistakes. In most cases, a lot of juniors are saving their prom for next year or some simply just do not have the funds for junior prom.   

Additionally, it can be a bit much to pay for the prom ticket AND prom expenses such as outfits accessories and other miscellaneous items. Not only me but other juniors believe the ticket prices should be reduced, however, the administration’s response was if ticket prices are cut, then prom will be held in lower-budgeted locations such as the gymnasium.

Nonetheless, there can be places that prom can be booked that are not expensive as the Renaissance Hotel but not “cheap” like having prom in the gym.  Central’s prom budget director and history teacher, Brian White, has explained there were venues Hazelwood has thought about and even used in the past however stopped returning due various circumstances.

“We have used downtown hotels as well as the St. Charles Convention Center in my tenure as prom sponsor but cost, parking distance, travel distance to the venue have all been stumbling blocks to wanting to return,” said White.

According to White,  in order to book a venue it all depends on the budget which also relies on the size of the place vs. the numbers of students attended.

“Budget is solely based on size of venue vs number of students that may attend,”  White explained.

Although if the prom was held in the gym next year, it could be altered to be decorated in a “ballroom” style, it would still consist of a packed parking lot and unsatisfied guests considering their prom is being held at their school’s gym and not a real ballroom.

For Homecoming, the parking lot was teeming with people because how small it is, therefore just imagine how it would look on the night of prom. Additionally, parking spaces would run out eventually. Inside, our bathroom is not a prom-worthy bathroom, having the school look and unsanitary features, making the prom experience for guests not the best. In the gym, the tables would be crammed together due to the amount of space provided considering the dance floor, DJ booth and food tables would all have to be in the vicinity. Furthermore, with the bleachers being up they still take up most space of the gym, decreasing the amount of space it already has and causing dresses/outfits  to be stepped on, constant bumping and overall not an enjoyable time.

Although, the other venues have minor disadvantages such as travel and parking distance, I think I can speak for everyone when it’s any of these issues vs having prom in the gym. Even with complaining of walking and driving distance, there will be more people that will go to the convention center than the gym. Furthermore, no matter how much the gym is decorated, the vicinity is way too small to host prom there and the class of 2019 deserves better.