Parking fees feel frivolous

Dana Musleh and Destinee Harris

Imagine you are running late and you already have to take time to look for a parking spot, and you still have to run a long way to even get to the front doors of the school. All of that hassle and you still have to pay those $50 dollars a semester. For what?

Obviously this is a common problem and it has caused a big feud over the student parking lot at Hazelwood Central. Whether it’s the price the students have to pay to park their vehicles or how far the actual student parking lot is from the entrance of the school the students are fed up.

It may seem like a first world problem that some students, well should I say “most” students don’t have the money to pay $50 dollars to pay for parking one semester, but the case is, most of the students parking are seniors and seniors already have a lot of activities and expenses they have going on, so those $50 dollars a semester can be a stretch at times.

Other than the fact that most students don’t want to pay the money to park, they don’t know where the money is going that they are paying, so that causes a lot more conflict. That conflict then causes students to not pay for the parking and with the school not getting people to pay for those parking passes, it sparks an outrage and they want to start checking students for their parking pass.

Senior Clarence Dorsey is frustrated by the situation.

“If the money go towards the school. How come our school is still run down? Half of the bathrooms are closed down saying its out of order,” said Dorsey.

Another senior, Briana Fields, shared his concern and also feels that it’s unfair that teachers get to park for free when students have to pay.

¨Even though I dont drive, I do feel like it is unfair we have to pay for parking and the teachers don’t,” said Fields.

I can completely relate to that and understand that it could be a much bigger problem for people especially if they have other needs. Now some may say, if you can’t afford to pay the $50 dollars to park then how could you afford the car you are wanting to park? And to that I would ask the question, how do you know what they did or how they got that car? It could be their parents car that they use to drive to school and even pick up their siblings from school as well. Everyone comes from a different financial background, so others may perceive the price of the parking pass in a different matter.

At the end of the day whether the students like it or not, their opinion towards topics such as this one are always looked over. They either pay the $50 or don’t pay it and have to face the backlash from the school while still parking on the lot. The school should consider to make some changes that will help ease the conflict on the price of a parking pass.