Time to Revisit Black Panther


Charles Cummings, Opinion Writer

It’s Saturday night, you’re bored and you need a great movie to curl up to. Black Panther is a very popular movie choice. That is, if you’re a marvel comics fan this movie is based off of the original Black Panther comics. The history of Black Panther is a very marvelous tale from the previous king T’Chaka to the present king T’Challa the Kingdom Wakanda has always risen above all other fictional cities or kingdoms. Wakanda is very ancient yet very up to date. With its technology and beautiful surroundings if this place were real I would want to visit or live there every day.

In the comics and in the movie the hero Black Panther tries his best to keep Wakanda a secret. When push comes to shove and people are in need of help Wakanda is forced to come out of hiding. With there technology and strength they helped the human race drastically. The first to think of this idea was t’challa’s  cousin. Yet he was more brutal and aggressive with his version of the plan.

It all began back in 1992 in the heart of Oakland, California the uncle of Prince (soon to be king) T’challa left wakanda and soon fell in love with an american woman. He settled down and raised his son as single father in the rough part of Oakland. To get by, pay the bills and try to revolutionize the black community, Killmonger’s father betrays his own homeland and pays the price with death that was personally handed to him by his brother and T’challa’s father. Years later in the present time the son of T’challa’s uncle tries to fulfill his father’s plan.

To take over the world with high tech Wakandan weapons. With this much power the oppressed people of the world could overcome police brutality.  Police brutality is a common and huge conflict for many in the world. At first thought T’challa does not agree with his plan but when T’challa looks back on the past and the present, he saw how he and the rest of the kingdom could help. Of course T’challa’s version of the plan was less brutal.  

Black Panther  has become the third-highest grossing Marvel Cinematic Universe release of all-time domestically, behind only “The Avengers” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” The movie brought in 700 million dollars in just North America so who knows how much money was made all over the world.  Black Panther was nominated for seven Academy Awards, one AACTA Award, one American Film Institute (won), one American Music Award (won), nine BET Awards (winning two), one Billboard Music Award, seventeen Black Reel Awards (winning ten), one British Academy Film Award (won), twelve Critics’ Choice Movie Awards  and etc.

In my opinion i believe that this was a very formidable movie. The art and graphic design was phenomenal and maybe with a little more historical background I would have thought that the city of Wakanda was real. I was in shackles and my eyes were locked to the screen, I twisted and jumped at all of the fighting scenes. I’m not ashamed to say it but I almost cried at small snippets of the movie. Overall message? Please go see the movie it is very much worth your time.