Hawk Talents on Display


Student Council hopes that Hawks will be entertained during a celebration of Central talent on Thursday.

Jasmyn Harris, Reporter

If you are interested in dancing, poetry, singing, music playing and even beatboxing getting your ticket for the talent show would be a good idea.

Hazelwood Central is hosting its 3rd annual talent show on March 14, 2019 in the auditorium during AML. In order to attend the talent show, you must check at the tables next to the senior section during your lunch shift and see if you meet the criteria.

There are a total of 10 acts that are being showcased and these students have worked hard to prepare for your enjoyment.

Senior Michayla Jacobs will be dancing along with 4 others, Arielle Adams, DessaRae Lampkins, Brooke Reese, and De’Jai Walker, known as “Pride” where they dance at the studio, Dance Plus. Michayla has been dancing for about 7 years and wanted to get more in tune with the school’s community through showing her skills.

Personally I think I need to be more involved in the school as well as having school spirit so since dance has been a hobby and my passion for a while why not showcase it?,” Jacobs explained.

“You guys will be in for a treat with our performance, you won’t be disappointed.”

Another contestant is senior Daniel Edwards. Daniel feels like people don’t take his talent seriously and he wants to change that.

“So I’m gonna get y’all woke,” he exclaimed.

Daniel wants to show people how cool playing an instrument really can be with his funky mixes and how you can use it to your advantage like he will in the near future.

My drive is that most people look at the band in a negative or just kinda annoying way to be honest. For an example, the trombone. That would be considered the biggest joke at our school and I have no idea why,” he said.

HCHS Student Council Advisor, Sarah Sullins, tries to be an open-minded woman. When she sees talent, she knows for sure it is true talent. Ms. Sullins, along with Mr. Fullerton, have to put a lot of time and decision-making into bringing this talent show together. Sullins and Fullerton looked for confidence, stage presence and comfort, creativity, overall skill, and talent in each candidate. There are definitely some pros that helps this process run smoothly and efficiently.

“The pros of putting together the talent show is getting to see the amazing talents our students have. It is a chance for us to see what they enjoy and excel in outside of school,” said Sullins.

Putting on a show this big could be stressful. You have to make sure everything is structured and flows accordingly to fit in the schedule and if the plans don’t go right some things could be put at a pause.

“Determining how to distribute tickets and who is able to attend the show is a hassle. There is a lot of work with rehearsals, sound and light in the auditorium, and making contacts with various people,” Ms. Sullins explained.

As easy as a talent show may seem to accomplish there is actually more work being injected than is shown. Boatloads of hard work comes with boatloads of fun.

A lot of the candidates during auditions claimed they were nervous but when they began to show off their talent you would have thought they were trained professionals. As serious and nerve-wracking performing in front of a large audience might be the talent show is put together for fun. This opportunity allows students to not do school work and just relax all while seeing their friends on stage doing what they do best.

Central’s 3rd annual talent show is definitely going to go out with a bang because three of the funniest (according to some) dudes in the senior class, Keon Cross, Alexander Harmon, and Jordan Ross, are hosting it. Students say those amusing guys will most definitely make sure this talent show goes down in the books without a doubt.

“I feel like this is going to be the best one yet!” Ms. Sullins said.

Note: the talent show will be live-streamed on the publications Twitter account, @hazecentralpub