Why Should Students Join Student Council ?

Breanna Woods, Columnist

School clubs are home for groups of passionate like minded students to put energy into collective interests as they take on leadership roles and become active voices amongst their fellow student body. Generally speaking, school clubs are somewhat of a basis of a students’ interests and depiction for one’s line of work in the future.

Here at Hazelwood Central, we are home to many diverse clubs/organizations that work to promote good interpersonal skills, student involvement, and increased awareness to important issues. One organization in particular, student council, wants to focus on work dedicated students who take the initiative to reach out for service and lend an active voice to their community, but Is the purpose of student council truly being fulfilled and should students take interest in organizations like such?

Ms. Sullins, head of student council, alongside Mr. Fullerton, define the true meaning of student council as a platform to increase school spirit.

“The purpose of student council is to contribute and promote student involvement, promote spirit, and bring everyone together in the community through different service projects,” explained Sullins.

Students wishing to join student council can not simply just sign up to get in though as there are specific requirements to meet and uphold including no disciplinary infractions, good attendance, at least a 2.5 GPA, and at most four teacher recommendations.

Sullins went on to describe a time when student council did not have any specific requirements to meet and how negatively it impacted the organization.

“The first year I was here doing student council I remember walking in the meeting and thinking ‘there isn’t very many people here’ and the ones that were there were not really there for the right reasons as they would talk during a presentation, be on their phones, and just not embody student council material,” she said.

Sullins communicated her frustrations with her disappointment as she seeked help from administration to then create the recruitment process we now have today. Sullins feels that the current process of student applications is more efficient as it promotes a challenge for the students to get in.

“It was almost like the kids really liked [the application process] because they liked to achieve something,” says Sullins as she continued on to state how little involvement the organization had previous to the application system versus now.” In fact maybe it wasn’t publicized very well because there were maybe like 20 people and now we’re at 85 and thats with having to eliminate some people. I’d say each year we get maybe 120-130 applications which is good because we do want quality, but also not just a lot of kids,” states Sullins.

Over the years student council has done many service projects getting the students actively involved with people in their community specifically through one stand out project, “Make A Wish.”

“We always raise money for the ‘Make A Wish Foundation’ and this year we were  fortunately able enough to schedule a really fun wish reveal that was held at the challenger space center to surprise a little boy with the kids for wish program with his trip to kennedy Space Center,” said Sullins.

Not only does student council get involved in the community with service projects, but they also work to promote good school spirit.

“Last year [the students] designed posters to put on athlete and cheerleader lockers to kind of help promote spirit and tell them good job on a great season or good luck in the future,” stated Sullins.

Within Student council there are also many leadership positions to obtain so that students with an unheard voice can have a platform to express and consult amongst their peers some of the issues of importance or events that need more attention in the school as well as the community in large.

“There is a president, Vice President, Secretary, treasure, officers, and right now we actually have 3 junior girls that stepped up to be representatives. They all really work together and your exact title doesn’t exactly mean anything different as you’re still involved in all of the planning,” states Sullins.

The combined efforts of students in student council to generate positive focus and energy on the things going on in their community is one of the many reasons to join student council in the future.

According to Sullins students can expect to “learn some good problem solving skills, teamwork, more about volunteering, and the differences they can make in their school and community both.”

When it comes to dedicated and pro work enthusiasts, students should look to get involved in Student Council to not only be the difference within their communities, but also learn about the importance of leadership and lending an active voice for concerns or issues that go unheard.

“I think that’s something that a lot of the students do really care about which is to be the change at the school,” expressed Sullins.