Athletics vs Academics


Some students feel left out by a hyper focus on Athletics, and think it would be great to get this level of support for an academic competition.

Dana Musleh, Columnist

In today’s society, it seems that Athletics is greatly outshining the Academics and you can especially see that in many high schools around the country. Athletes are being praised for the work they are achieving on the field, and students aren’t getting the recognition they deserve in the classroom. What more can these students do to get the recognition they  deserve?

Now I’m not saying that students work hard in school just so they can get praised for the hard work they put in, but it is nice to be reminded of the accomplishments they have completed. Isn’t it only fair, because when you look at how athletes are praised for their accomplishments and how it gives them that boost of confidence, sometimes students need that to remind them that they too are great in what they are completing.

Sometimes it can be as simple as hosting a little get together every once in awhile for the academic achievements of those hard working students just like they do for the athletes. For example, Central has done that a couple of times for the academic achievements of students but its very inconsistent, and that’s the problem, because they aren’t that inconsistent with the athletes. They are on top of things with the recognition for athletes such as, having them on the announcements for the school, putting them on the school website, but they aren’t going the whole nine yards for the other students.

There needs to be more consistency in how the other students get recognized because this isn’t just a school where athletes are the only attraction. If there are athletes that can even recognize the unfair treatment, that shows that its a bigger deal then you might think it is.

Alia Bovel, a member of the varsity soccer team at Central, even said, “I as an athlete see how the athletes get favorable treatment compared to the other students of the school.” If even the athletes are realizing the difference in treatment amongst the students that means something isn’t right.

A lot of students have spoken out on how they feel about this situation, and some students feel that there won’t be a change anytime soon at the school.

“I have dedicated my 4 years of high school strictly to academics and my grades can clearly depict that, and I haven’t received that much recognition as do some of the athletes at our school get,” said Courtney Graham.

At the end of the day, many students feel as if they aren’t receiving the same treatment and recognition as the athletes and don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

“This has been a topic I’ve seen people try to challenge and yet nothing has changed, and because of that students gave up the fight and well so have I,” said Graham.