Conference Finals Preview

Kevin Murray

Jayson Tatum will look to push the Celtics past the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. Photo courtesy of Keith Allison, Hanover, MD.

Jamarion Price, Writer

East vs West NBA conference finals is one of the most watched series in sports history. The NBA has been around for decades and multiple teams have won the finals. But this year it’s the Celtics vs Heat in the Eastern Conference and the Mavericks vs Warriors in the Western Conference. Let’s see who will become the new 2022 NBA Champions.


The West conference consists of 15 teams. 8 of the 15 teams actually go to the playoffs. Right now it’s the Mavericks and the Warriors who are playing for the chance to potentially win the NBA championship. The Warriors just recently knocked off the Grizzlies 4-2. Warriors are next up to play the Mavericks on 05/18 at 8:00pm. Mavericks on the other hand has to go against the Warriors in a spot to the championship. The Mavericks just knocked off the Suns 4-3 in a 7 game series. They have a strong chance of winning against the warriors. Luka Doncic is Mavs point guard and averaging 26.4 points a game. He is a monster on the court.


The Eastern Conference also consists of 15 teams and only 8 go to the playoffs. The Celtics is one team who is favored throughout the entire NBA to win the championship. They have St. Louis Native Jayson Tatum playing and could potentially lead them to their 18th championship trophy. The Celtics recently knocked off the defending champions the Milwaukee Bucks. They now have to go against the Heat. The Heat also is a team who is loaded and Just beat the Celtics in game one. This series is going to be good. Celtics have Jayson Tatum who recently scored 46 points against the Bucks and knocked them out of the playoffs as well. The starting 5 literally dominates teams and shuts down anything coming their way.


The team who I think will win is the Celtics to go on and play in the championship. The team they will be going against is the Heat. The Celtics have a strong starting 5 who will absolutely dominate the Heat starting 5. The Celtics have not won a championship in 14 years. So by them going far in the playoffs this is a big time achievement for them. The Heat on the other hand has won 3 championships and 2 was back to back when they had one of their greatest teams in history that was in 2011, a decade ago. This series is going to be good.