Forgotten Flick: “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”

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Forgotten Flick: “The Perks of Being a Wallflower”

Serena Cayetano, Staff Writer

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Have you ever experienced a time where you felt invisible and that you had no one to turn to besides your family but that just wasn’t enough? If you answered yes to this, I’m sure youll love this movie. “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower,” a 2012 drama was written and directed by Stephen Chbosky. The story focuses on high school freshman named Charlie coping with death of a friend who killed himself. 

Charlie, played by Logan Lerman, deals with multiple feelings and urges. Charlie started off the the movie writing to a friend that committed suicide not too long ago. Charlie for a long time felt lonely and that he was a invisible kid. Charlie had a hard time understanding why people act the way they do.

Charlie is relatable to a lot of people, not just teenagers. We all can feel a little lonely and feel like we think about things a little too much, it is pretty common for people to fall into a state of depression. He finds himself becoming obsessive at times and wanted to try and be as calm as possible. The movie never addressed it but it always kinda lingered in the background that Charlie may have had a mental illness.

Luckily things take a turn for the better when he takes a chance at a football game and sits next to some seniors. Sam, played by Emma Watson, and her brother Patrick, played by Ezra Miller, befriend him. Soon, things seem to start going a whole lot smoother for Charlie. He begins to be more open with Sam and Patrick, and is less obsessive anymore as he begins to have a balance into his life.

This movie is has no comparisons to any other teen movie i’ve seen. The acting is phenomenal, and the way Logan Lerman was able to have a realistic breakdown scene, and the story line with the suicidal ex best friend and very relatable scenes make this a great movie.

At the end of the movie there is a very big plot twist giving a reasoning behind Charlie’s state of depression that followed him throughout his life. This movie makes you think about a lot of things and definitely will have you shedding a tear or two. This movie is overlooked and forgotten about if people actually took a little time out you’d see how relatable Charlie is and how much of a good, heartfelt movie this is.

In my opinion this movie changed the way I looked at things, with not being so quick to judge you never know what somebody is going through. Hope this encourages you to watch this incredible movie “The Perks Of Being A Walllower.”

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