PDA: Yay! or No Way!

Opinions vary on how close students can get at school without crossing the line


Whether it’s a hug, holding hands, kissing, or more, PDA is technically prohibited by school district rules related to physical contact, according to Dr. Brooks. Usually this is handled by a quick verbal reminder.

Kelsie Williams, Feature Writer

Imagine walking into school before first period. You walk up the stairs and you notice a couple kissing in the corner. Another couple is walking past, holding hands and giving each other googly eyes. Do that make your skin crawl or do you just see puppy love?

Public displaying of affection (PDA), can be a polarizing topic. Many people want to know how much affection is too much.

For some, the level of comfort with PDA is totally up to the couple.

“PDA is cool depending on the relationship and where you are with that other person.” explained Jada Ferguson, a junior at Hazelwood Central. “If you both are comfortable with it and you’re in the right setting then that’s fine, but if not, it shouldn’t happen because it just makes things awkward,” Ferguson explained.

Awkwardness is what drives a lot of stduents reaction to others engaging in PDA. Junior Devin Matteoni looks at it like more of a nuisance.

“I don’t really want to be walking down the hall and see two people making out against a locker,” said Matteoni.

This was echoed by junior Shaun Williams, who would prefer people keep some of their affection in private.

“Sometimes it can get annoying if they are doing inappropriate things. Some things need to be left in privacy,” said Williams.

Even though people consider PDA normal, some feel as if it is still a big deal, and that adults in the building look down upon it.

“You’re still in public and there are people of authority around, and they will judge who you are as a person based off of that,” said junior, Rebekah Austin,

Many students feel as if their should be boundaries set in place on the amount of PDA that’s appropriate for school hours.

“If it’s a hug or a peck on the lips that’s fine, but when you’re connected to someone for more than a minute and a half that’s when it starts to be too much,” said Austin.

Some students feel that PDA is not ok and that it should be left in private, however, in a high school filled with boys and girls, most people realize that these things are going to happen.

“It’s their personal thing to do and what two people do should be kept in private. So I get a little weirded out about it,” said Matteoni.

School Administrators, however, have their own take on this sticky subject.

“Anything that goes beyond kissing; groping, and touching people in inappropriate areas is off limits,” explained Dr. Tony Brooks, interim Principal at Hazelwood Central High School. “Your behavior would be different in the mall than if you were at church. That’s in the same relevance at school. This is a place of business. This is a place you come to learn,” Brooks said.

Hazelwood School District has even set in place guidelines on situations of PDA.

“It doesn’t necessarily say PDA but it does refer to Sexual Misconduct, and that’s what PDA lends itself to if it gets out of hand,” Brooks explained.

PDA continues to be a polarizing topic, especially during school hours. Considering there are approximately 20 students for every one teacher there is no way around it, PDA is here to stay.

“It’s life, that’s what couples do,” said Williams.