“Get Out” review

“Get Out” is a terrifying thriller that also deals with many topics relevant to race in today’s society


Daniel Kaluuya plays Chris Washington in the thriller “Get Out.”

Serena Cayetano, Opinion Writer

Have you ever wanted to meet your girlfriend or boyfriend’s parents? Well in “Get Out,” one guy does and and it doesn’t end up so well for him. From weird old ladies unplugging his phone to his girlfriend’s parents doing hypnosis, he faces it all.

“Get Out” is a fantastic eye-catching thriller, it was released on February 24, 2017. This movie was written and produced by Jordan Peele. This movie was about a young black man named Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) who went to meet his white girlfriend Rose (Allison Williams) parents for the weekend. Chris was already nervous to seeing how her very rich white parents would react to their daughter dating a black man. Once Chris goes down there he notices they all act very strange. The few black people that were are not engaging in normal conversation, staring off distantly. He notices they never really look like they are fully here. Even the white people they all looked uneasy as if they’ve never been around a black person before. He just assumes it is them being weird about the interracial relationship but Chris notices this immediately and it doesn’t sit well with him the entire time he is there.

Over the course of the movie Chris feels uncomfortable in the environment his girlfriend has brought him into and he can no longer deal with the awkward silence. Things aren’t normal and he feels his girlfriend’s mom offering to hypnotize him to take away his smoking habit is unusual and he declines her offer. But later on that night as he’s walking around the house, he runs into her and she tricks him into allowing her to hypnotize him.. He then wakes up the next day and feels the urge to never smoke again.  Soon after a lot of twists come up within the movie; things I couldn’t even see coming.

I thought the movie was very interesting. I liked the way the movie went from thrilling suspense of what’s happening to humorous scenes with Chris’s best friend Rod (LilRel Howery). They had many funny phone calls throughout the movie as Rod keeps telling Chris that he’s crazy for going in the first place and these scenes are guaranteed to make you laugh. The actors they choose played a fantastic part, with credit to Daniel Kaluuya and the way he was able to play off such a realistic terrifying reactions which could only be done by a qualified actor. Also Allison Williams, who played such a fantastic character, switched up emotions super fast it was an incredible thing to watch.

A big part of this movie is the way that it covers casual racism. An interracial relationship even though its 2017 is still very controversial and for him meeting the white parents of his white girlfriend was already scary for him. Meeting the family and their over the top introduction showed there was a little uncomfortable but almost as if they wanted to come off as they were okay with it He sensed they were hiding their true feelings which in the end turned out to be very true. There is also a scene where the family invited a lot of people over and basically had a party at the home and he was introduced to everyone there and during that time the lowkey racist white folks had some interesting comments to make, about his physical appearance and letting the know they voted for Obama which was not necessary. He felt uncomfortable about the invasive questions. It was very weird and he soon tried to walk away from everyone at the party after having so many of those odd conversations.  

I have yet to see a movie like Get Out no other movie has reminded me of this in the slightest way. Everyone should go out and see this movie atleast once. This movie is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat.