Senioritis plagues many as end nears


Alante Griffin, Columnist

Every year towards the ending of the school year marks Senioritis. Symptoms include laziness, an over-excessive wearing of comfy clothes, lack of studying, absences, and lastly a dismissive attitude. Senioritis can affect high school and college seniors. Many students eventually have to go through it.

“With senioritis sometimes it makes me lazy and not want to go to class,” explained senior Markquius Green said.

Lazy things seem to be a trend this year with senior students.

“The laziest thing i’ve done this semester is sleep in a class, the teacher didn’t notice me and I missed lunch,” said Brianna Morris.

It seems as though many seniors are just ready to drop everything and graduate.

“I’m ready to graduate because I’ve been suffering since freshman year,” Green said.

During the spread of senioritis grades drop and more seniors sleep in. Fights break out and people start getting fed up with their friends.

Teachers and security officers see the spread of senioritis also.

“Seniors are going through the motions of getting older so they’re ready to go to the next level but they’re stuck. More students skip class now because they’re beginning not to care,” explained Officer DeAndre Brown.  

Although they are struggling to maintain focus now, students believe that they will be able to rebound next fall once they go to college.

“Next year in college it’ll be different because I’ll surround myself with mature and older people.” said Morris.

Senioritis is a disease that cannot be cured, it affects seniors all over.The rise of senioritis is something that’s hard to stop. The only treatment that makes it manageable is the promise of activities. Prom. Graduation, Senior Skip, and the senior lock-in.

“Without activities I wouldn’t care about the rest of the school year. I’m basically done with it because I’m accepted to my college already and I’m ready to go,” Green said.