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Prom Special

As Saturday's prom nears, the event promises to fulfill dreams for some students

For many Hawks, prom is the culmination of a lot of anticipation and excitement.

For many Hawks, prom is the culmination of a lot of anticipation and excitement.

For many Hawks, prom is the culmination of a lot of anticipation and excitement.

Jada Lewis and Aminah Bradley-Pikes

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Dreams Coming True

First and foremost there’s the dress, then there’s the shoes, make-up, hair, and the other essentials to make that special day perfect. In other words, Prom. At some point all ladies have fantasized about it. Even gentlemen have given it a thought. The perfect tux, shoes, and never forget the lavish watch.

To teacher Brian White, prom seems to be something he enjoys helping put together.

“I honestly feel like prom is the closest thing to a wedding, the students put so much hard work into preparing for this big day and in the end it’s just a great feeling to see it all come together,” said White.

On the other hand, while preparing for prom students are not the only ones who feel under pressure. Parents, teachers, and even family members can be frazzled by the upcoming event. There are so many deadlines to meet and expenses to pay that it can sometimes be overwhelming.

For example senior Cortai White plans on spending a pretty penny on prom this year.  

“On this years prom I plan to spend at least $2,500. As of right now I’m getting my dress made, and I just hope and pray that it’s finished in time and is exactly what I expected because if it’s not I’m not going to prom,”  Cortai White finishes with a laugh.

Although prom is originated for the juniors, seniors are the ones who enjoy and cherish it the most. For seniors prom is more than just a fun night to get spiffed up for, it holds significance to them.

Prom is significant for senior Jason Posley, because he appreciates the opportunities that he has that his parents didn’t.

“My dad didn’t get a chance to go to prom, and I just want to put a smile on my mom’s face,” said Posley.

Prom holds a significance to Cortai White not only for the event, but for what it signals.

“Prom is so important to me this year mainly because, I can’t wait to make so many memories that night. Plus it’s going to be like a celebration for graduation, it’s crazy I can’t believe highschool is over!” exclaimed White.


The Stress of the Dress


Imagine finding your prom dress after looking for months, getting your shoes, jewelry and everything else you need to look gorgesous. Then the night of prom, you walk in and see a girl with the exact same dress as you. What do you do?


A. let it go   B. take a picture with her   C. flip a table   D. walk out 


After spending half the year planning for prom, some girls might lean towards “C.”

Planning the look you want can take time. Plus, taking into account the money put into this event, requires some saving. Some girls are willing to send up to $2,000 altogher on prom. From the outfit to the tickets themselves, coming up with the money can definiety bring in some stress. Finding the perfect people to slay hair and makeup will cost, as well as, arrving to prom in a stylish car. The dress, of course, is most likely going to be the biggest purshase of the prom items.

“The prom tickets, dress, shoes, hair, makeup, transporation, and money for the after party are not cheap,” said junior Victoria Jenkins.

It costs to be different and extravagant. Sometimes both time and money, and it’s a cost that many people are willing to pay. A way to ensure uniqueness is to get your dress custom made which is a poplular choice. The planning is a bit more meticulous and time consuming than shopping for one. Finding fabric, being mesaured, and weekly visits can add to the long list of things to do for prom.  

“I took time looking for certain styles like back out, lace patterns, and bedazzled,” explained senior Jayla Perry.

Looking for a dress in stores can be a lengthy process too. There are various choices from various stores so it is easy to get lost in the dresses. Going into a store without having some idea of what you want can be challegening.

“The hardest part was actually finding that one dress that made me go ‘yasssssss’,” said senior Destiney Nash.

Whether a dress is made or bought, the pressure is on to get a dress that is amazing. Seniors particularly feel this pressure because this is their last year of high school; their last chance to go out with a bang with their friends.

“Once high school is over you can’t redo it so you should make it count,” said senior Brittney Johnson.



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