Senior Natalie Fleming scores “perfect” 36 on ACT


Senior Natalie Fleming tries to keep her ACT score of 36 in perspective.

Imane'e Cunningham and Destiny Ferguson

Hazelwood Central High School senior Natalie Fleming is one of few students each year  to score a perfect 36 on the ACT,  the highest possible composite score on the college assessment test.

Like most juniors going in to take the test Flemming was nervous but somehow she felt like she could do it

Upon receiving her test score Fleming, questioned if it was real. She had scored a perfect 36

“Oh, I did it…I did that,” laughed Fleming.

Leading up to the test, Fleming took the ACT prep class that was required other than that  she pretty much did study sessions with friends.

Flemming is the first student to score a perfect score in her graduating class.

When asked to share some advice for juniors taking the test in the spring Flemming emphasized the importance of studying

Mr. Roades, one of Natalie’s teachers, explains that she looks at mistakes as opportunities.

“Natalie’s not afraid to be wrong, and losing the fear of being wrong and having the curiosity to figure out why she’s wrong is a big part of her success,” he explained.

For other students who want to match Natalie’s success, there is no magic formula.

“Practice is really the most important thing. The ACT isn’t like other tests, it’s one that you have to practice and get used to because otherwise you won’t know what you’re doing,” said Mrs. Melton, Natalie’s counselor.

“Study as much as you can and try to be as prepared as possible while still getting sleep.”

Mrs. Melton hopes that Natalie’s success will allow other students to see their own potential.

“There is so much untapped potential in Central High School and we’re so proud of Natalie for all of her hard work and effort, “ said Melton.

Flemming hasn’t decided where she wants to attend in the fall she’s just seeing what’s out there and what scholarships she will receive.

“This score will open so many doors for her,” said Flemming’s counselor

Fleming does realize that this score will provide her new opportunities, she’s trying to stay grounded.

“My plans haven’t changed, it’s just less of a worry than before.”