Bitter cold caused pipes to burst, leading to damage, disruption

Work to repair the damage is still ongoing and has forced the 12th grade office to move locations


Workers have begun replacing the drywall in B125 which was damaged when the pipes in Mr. Facchin’s room burst and leaked water into the classes and offices below.

Adebosinuola Bada, Editor

If you frequently travel by downstairs B-hall, you’ve probably noticed the 12th grade office closed for repairs.

On the final Wednesday of winter break, the pipes in English teacher Mr. Facchin’s room B121 burst due to the bitter cold and leaked water into the office.

After the pipes burst, the water pressure shattered the ceiling and drywall. Instantly, the office flooded.

Books, computers, important documents, and other valuables in the office were destroyed during the flooding.

12th grade principal Mr. Skinner, who was alerted the day prior to return, was bummed out. He mentioned the destruction done to his clothes, personal supplies, and his carpet.

Skinner was full of respect and gratitude to the maintenance and custodial crew who were very helpful and supportive to him.

“I honestly appreciate the maintenance and custodians who supported me through their time and effort,” he said.

Mr. Skinner was left with a new outlook on life after the damage.

“This whole experience has me me cognizant of those who have things on their plate. It has also helped me realize the magnitude of other people’s problems which in turn helps me appreciate life a little more,” he explained.

In Facchin’s room, there was less water damage, but that did not make things much better.

Facchin found out about the pipes from Mr. Skinner mid-Wednesday morning, and upon his return, he spotted the steam damage on the floor, moisture on his posters and papers, and water marks everywhere. He also noticed the room was abnormally cold.

The heater had broken and the cold was unbearable; Facchin wore a coat the entire first day back.

He stated that a lot of students were complaining. He advised them to call their parents to request an audience with the school.

Facchin brough supplies from home to clean his desks and chairs. Despite the situation, he was relieved.

“We’re lucky no one was in here. The water could have shot out (onto) peoples’ skin,” Facchin said.

Eventually, crew members lead by Gary Barnum of district maintenance began repairing the office and B121.

The unexpected school closure on the 5th of January was due to the cold temperatures in the classroom and the repair of the pipes.

The damage has been done, but the office should be back up and running by the start of the next school year.

As of right now, the new B-hall office is located in B103.