Freshmen face EOCs

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Freshmen face EOCs

Students start their warm-up in Mr. Johnson's freshman Government class.

Students start their warm-up in Mr. Johnson's freshman Government class.

Students start their warm-up in Mr. Johnson's freshman Government class.

Students start their warm-up in Mr. Johnson's freshman Government class.

Chrishalyn Dailey, Editor

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As the second semester is underway, students are getting ready for the, End of Course (EOC) Exam.

Freshman students who are still warming up to the “high school life” are now in preparation to taking the EOC.

Mr. Johnston, who teaches government, is developing study guides for his students to somewhat help them on their EOC.

“I study for the EOC by making flashcards,” said freshman Jaden Southern.

There are numerous ways students can choose to study for the EOC, if its flash cards, online videos, study guides or even taking notes; it all helps.

“I study by taking notes from quizlets and stuff,” said freshman Alissa Felduerth.

Hazelwood Central High School is also providing students with after school workshops for sections students believe they need more work on, so they can brace themselves for the EOC.

“I haven’t heard about any after school workshops recently, but if I do I would definitely stay after school to study,” said Felduerth.

After school workshops aren’t mandatory for students to stay after for, but it is highly recommended.

“I decided not to stay after for any workshops, because I study better alone,” said freshman Deja Watson.

The purpose of the EOC is to assess students progress, individual knowledge and skills towards the Missouri learning standards.

For the 2017-2018 school year, all EOC assessments are available only online, unless a student’s IEP indicates that a form is needed.

Test results are based on the controversial Common Core learning standards from students.

Hazelwood Central is one of many schools in Missouri that allows students from 9th to 12th grade to take the EOC. They test for any of the four core class subjects (math, science, social studies, and English).

From previous test scores, the outcome of the EOC has been somewhat effective over the years and schools like Hazelwood Central are wanting to keep the successiveness going for continuous years.

“The freshman EOC takes place in April, of 2018,” said 9th grade principal, Ms. Moore.

This gives students enough time to study and strength their knowledge for better scores.

Statistics show that testing can sometimes become overwhelming for students. For example, for juniors who also have to take the ACT.

If some students aren’t able to pass the test, they are allowed to have at least one retake, which are given several times a year.

They may also retake as many times as needed to pass, even as the material covered on the test fades farther and farther behind them.

How are you preparing for the EOC?