Strange year brings whirlwind sports season for 3-sport athlete

Myla Smith, Writer

With the unwanted arrival of COVID-19 multiple high school sports had to be pushed back due to high infection numbers. One Hawk athlete was propositioned into playing three sports this year, but with a twist-all three sports would be occurring at the same time. Junior Amare Duspke was in for the challenge.

“I love it, it keeps me busy and I’m having fun so I have no complaints,” said Dupske.

Many athletes that play in high school start at a young age and Amare started playing sports at the age of 3. Those experiences prepared him for a stretch of time in February, March, and April when he was playing 3 high school sports at the same time.

 “I am playing football, baseball, and soccer.” Dupske stated.

All around Dupske is a great athlete, he plays all of his sports to the best of his ability. Even the best athlete would have some trouble managing his time at school and playing all three sports at once. 

“I split time between practices for the 3 sports and make sure all my coaches have an understanding that I will miss certain practices,” explained Dupske. 

His coaches are just fine with the scheduling process. 

 “It’s a task keeping track of his crazy schedule but to see a kiddo with that kind of drive and determination makes it worth it. He is one of those players that is far and few between, a true athlete. You don’t see too many 3 sport athletes these days because athletes are pushed to focus on one sport only to make them better but data has shown that those players who play multiple sports are more successful,” said Hazelwood Central baseball coach Clinton Hankins.

Many people would be extremely curious on how a baseball and soccer player got wheeled into becoming a varsity football kicker with no experience with the sport.

“We brought Amare in to kick because we knew he played soccer, and was also referred to by Coach Rocco,” said Hazelwood Central football coach Spencer Davis (Coach Spin).

When playing multiple sports it can be very challenging especially when the players know that each teammate is a central component to every sport. Most importantly the main concern is being safe and healthy, because the moment an essential person the team is hurt the game plan could go down in shambles even if the athlete believes they are not the key athlete. 

I go by order of importance against the team, so if the football team has a really big game and the baseball team has a not so important game, I’ll play with the football team,” explained Dupske. 

Since Amare has shown his remarkable resilience, strength, determination, and discipline during this unique time his coaches have been able to notice his new sense of dedication with his commitments to his teams. 

“Not only his skills, but his love for the game has elevated and he is now considering taking football seriously for next season,” said Coach Spin.

The most important thing that this Amare has never forgotten during this whole process is that he is always looking for what’s best for his teammates and not necessarily what’s best for him.

 “I just think about what I can do to help the team win,” said Dupske.