Music to relax to

K'miyah James, Writer

How has music impacted you or your everyday life?. Many people use music for many different reasons, especially teenagers. Music nowadays isn’t just for listening. Certain teens use music to help cope with certain situations. Specific genres and specific musical artists are an important factor to pay attention to when studying the impact of music.  

When I’m sad, I personally will listen to music that fits the mood that I am in. Sometimes, music is looked at to only help with sad/stressful situations, but that isn’t always the case. Music is used for celebrations as well. “When I am attending any type of family function, older music is played, but it always increases the mood,”  Barnett 11th grade. I’m thinking that this is obviously music that is maybe upbeat or just simply classics that many people enjoy-even teens. 

“Jhene Aiko is mostly looked at by some people as an artist that makes “sad” music, but she actually makes music that you could just simply vibe to, her music doesn’t have to make you sad.” Miles 11th grade. I think it’s a good idea that music is around. For me, music actually helps me with my social anxiety, I always have some sort of music playing. I think it’s important to have a good variety of music. Even though some sad songs can seem soothing to some people, I think it’s important to also have some type of exciting music on your playlist so that you won’t be feeling down in energy all of the time. 

I asked a variety of people, if music affects their mood, if it makes them happy, sad, or neutral.  

“It depends on the type of music I’m listening to at that time,” said Jaliyah Miles.

“If I’m listening to slow songs, it would make me calm, if I’m listening to hip hop, I would be calm, but also in a great mood,” replied Dennis (11th grade), “I only listen to certain songs/genres of music based on my mood.”

So, music certainly does have a different effect on each person. It is a good thing that music is around because it comes in as therapy for a large amount of teenagers. 

My 5 most therapeutic artists are Jhene Aiko, Partynextdoor, Sade, Lauryn Hill, Majornine. These are my top 5 therapeutic artists because when I listen to their music, it relaxes me and brings me to a calm state. Whenever I’m walking in the halls and I get anxious, I’ll go on my playlist play one of their songs to kind of relax and calm my nerves.