SWT seeks to spook Central students with “Addams Family” performance


Running from 4/27-4/29, the “Addams Family” promises to be scary fun for the whole family.

Vanessa Jones, Feature Writer

The creepy and the kooky, mysterious and spooky, and altogether ooky Addams Family is coming to Hazelwood Central High’s theatre from April 27th to the 29th. One of TV’s favorite families, as you know, is beyond ordinary, which should make the musical production even stranger.

“[People should come] to see something unexpected. This is definitely a show where…zombies happen!” said Mrs. Rinesmith, Central’s Drama teacher.

The production will be performed by members of Central’s drama department, and even a staff member.

“Adrian Moore is playing Gomez, Prapti Patel is playing Morticia, Brianna Busse is playing Wednesday, Bryan Nguyen is playing Pugsley, and there will even be a faculty member playing Lurch! Oh, and Christopher Smith is playing Fester,” said Mrs. Rinesmith.

Many that are included in the production are excited about the musical and all they have contributed to it.

“I love [the musical]. It’s dark and creepy, and I like dark and creepy musicals and plays, anything that just goes against the norm. People should come because we worked really hard on it,” said John Waller who plays Mal Beineke.

Many have fallen in love with the Addamses, including Adrian Moore who plays Gomez.

“I was introduced to the Addams Family in elementary school and that’s how I fell in love with the family. When I found out we were gonna do it here, I was like ‘Oh My God, yes!’. I’m really excited for it and it’s not just me who put a lot of work into it but the whole cast and crew,” said Moore.

The main characters of the show aren’t the only ones who are excited however. Bbehind the curtain many crew members are bursting at the seams.

Taniyah Henderson-Moore, a member on costume and makeup, is one of the many backstage.

“I love the costumes because they’re like basic, yet extravagant…I (also) like the variety of the characters and their different complex personalities,” esplained Henderson-Moore.

Lauren Orr is the costume crew head, and has prepared many outfits.

“[My favorite costume] is Prapti’s who plays Morticia. She has a very long, sweeping, beautiful dress! As for the play, I like everything about it. I think it’s really funny, the balance of creepiness and then romanticism and singing,” said Orr.

Despite being backstage, many still love to watch their friends perform on stage.

“I like the musical because I just really like the Addams Family. I’m excited because my best friend Brianna, she’s a really good singer and I just like to watch her sing and dance up there,” said Justin Wright, a member of “House,” which is the crew the promotes the musical.

This production, which has caught the hearts of many performers, has a lot in store for the audience. There will be singing, dancing (including a tango performed by Adrian Moore), and of course, what is a musical without music?The members of the play have teamed up with Central’s music department and formed a group of talented musicians to perform.

“We’ve been practicing since the end of February, and the music is pretty challenging. It’s hard, but I like it. I like the play too, and my favorite part is like the storyline,” said Kaitlyn Franklin, a violinist in the orchestra pit.

Overall, there will singing and dancing and laughing and fun that anyone of any age will enjoy. This musical is a chance for those who are in love with the Addams Family to remember the joy and fun that it brought them.

“It’s kid-friendly and fun. The characters are fun and crazy and very not normal. It’s very different from a regular musical,” said Mr. Stroot, the director and producer of the musical.